Trust In the Basics

It’s a given in modern business that one of the ways a business builds trust is to tout one’s commitment  to high-profile “good” causes. Oil companies, for example, now run more commercials talking about their wetland restoration programs than they … Continue Reading

What We’re Shooting For

Consider the paradox of business conferences: they are sold as pivotal events that instantly educate and enlighten. You will leave here informed! Up-to-the-minute! Vastly improved for the experience! But, in fact, great conferences generate most of their value after they’ve … Continue Reading

Speaker: JK McKnight

JK McKnight will be speaking at the Small Business Shamen about “BELIEVING IN VISION – THE ENTREPRENEURIAL CHALLENGE“. Most widely known for his creation of the annual Forecastle Festival, JK McKnight is an accomplished songwriter, musician, and environmental activist. JK has grown … Continue Reading