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The Best Innovation Advice I’ve Ever Read

So I’m writing a thing over at and I came across this quote from Jeffrey Fox’s How to Become CEO: The Rules for Rising to the Top of Any Organization:

Nurture the good idea. Spend a little, not a lot. Don’t risk big money at the embryonic stage. Get feedback. Tinker with the concept. Tailor it to better fill the needs of the target audience. Most importantly, try something. Try this, try that. Don’t talk, don’t have meetings, don’t write memos. Do something: make an ad concept, build a prototype, give out samples. Then tinker some more, tailor it a bit, and try again. If it’s a bad idea, you’ll know it. Drop it. If its a good idea, you’ll now be able to sell it to the corporation. You can manage the risk and manage the investment escalation.

This is it. This is the secret of innovation: constant dissatisfaction and experimentation, working in fearless anonymity. Apply this to the way you do business, and you’ll find your way.