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Taiji Sword Performance by Grand Master Mingye Ding

Taiji Grand Master Mingye Ding

Taiji Grand Master Mingye Ding

Fabulous news for those attending the Small Business Shamen Conference on Wednesday, April 4, 2012. At the lunch break, we are honored to host Taiji Grand Master Mingye Ding! Check the schedule for more updates.

Taiji Grand Master Mingye Ding will perform the Fine Arts of Chen Style Taiji, and thrilling Taiji Sword, both intensely powerful external and internal practices handed down through his family and lineage of teachers. A native of Shandong Province in China, Master Ding has studied for over 50 years, and has chosen to establish his new school of traditional Taiji in Louisville. He offers to individuals and business groups the arts of QiGong and Taiji in weekly classes or specially designed workshops and retreats. Regular study, and even short periods of immersion in these practices, brings about the beneļ¬ts of deep relaxation and the opening of inner realms of intuition. Waves of creativity are unleashed, and health and longevity are nourished at every stage of life.

Be sure to REGISTER EARLY to ensure your seat at this fantastic event!