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Small Business Spotlight: Revelry Boutique Gallery

Revelry is a-buzz with artwork and unique items for sale year-round.

Revelry Boutique Gallery started out as a dream to founder and co-owner Paula Weyler. Now Weyler, and partner Mo McKnight Howe, make a living off of propelling the success of others. It’s not always easy to find a stage to stand on as a local artist. But, in Louisville, the ladies from Revelry sure know how to enhance artistic voice.

“We sell almost all local art, jewelry, and handmade goods. We have over 80 artists showing at a time. The only pieces that aren’t local are from trips we take to other countries. Our most recent trip was to Nicaragua!” says McKnight Howe.
They describe Revelry as one part boutique, two parts art gallery. We describe them as one whole inspiration.

They recently hosted the poster reveal for Forecastle Festival’s tenth anniversary. Revelry shuns the stuffy connotations of typical art gallery showings, and revels in the experience that one has while taking in a work of art. They cultivate that experience, then enhance it. These ladies are not shy of shows complete with cocktails and DJs.

Why they say Small Business Shamen (SBS) is for you:
The future of small business is drastically changing as people are realizing the importance of our local economy. SBS recognizes this and they are dedicated to helping small business owners like myself understand and utilize the current situation. They use tools that are vital for the growth of future business – such as the web. SBS is a place where we can unite and learn from one another so that the small business future is bright!

Weyler and McKnight Howe create a platform that allows an artistic vision to be spread–and that’s just what Small Business Shamen is all about.

Check ‘em out at 980 Barrett Avenue in Louisville!